Watts Link Kits

Watts Link Kits

A must for anyone competing in a rear drive beam axle vehicle. MSF Racing Components Watt’s Links are the proven, engineered performance handling upgrade used by many state and National Championship

  • Corner faster.
  • Power on earlier.
  • Improve high speed control, stability and feedback.
  • Get true chassis adjustability.
  • The single biggest improvement you can make to a live axle
  • Rear drive car’s handling.

Panhard bars, diagonal top links, leaf spring lateral location all have serious shortcomings when it comes to performance chassis tuning.
Now you can take advantage of our 35 years of experience to buy a package that takes the design guess work, hassle and time out of building a professional rear suspension system.
Our Watt’s kits eliminate the built in problems of rear drive beam axle cars and gets them handling like their on rails.

What a Watts Linkage does:

  • Gives a symmetrical, centered roll axis
  • Accurately locates the body on the axle
  • Stops self steering
  • Allows fine roll center height adjustment
  • Allows adjustable roll couple and rear roll stiffness
  • Quick and accurate chassis centering
  • Stops tyre rubbing
  • Looks trick.

We supply dedicated kits for Commodores and universal assemblies that can be fitted to any live axle vehicle. These are fitted to Falcons, Holdens, Mazdas Cobras, Cortinas Corollas, Datsuns Mustangs, Chargers, Valiants and many others.
We have various models available from weld in with undreccar adjustment, Aluminium triangle type and in car hand wheel adjustable versions. Enquire now. 

Aluminium Triangle Pro Watts Classic Watts$1,495
Commodore Watts Link$1,295
In Car Adjustable Watts$1,795
Universal Mount Starter Watts$595