Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers

Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers

The most cost effective performance handling upgrade you can make.

More cornering power, better braking and sharper steering.

Standard front stub axles flex and the hubs move about on their bearings because they are only held loosely by the retaining nut Many cars lose degrees of negative camber under hard cornering. This affects corner speed and stability, steering precision and tyre wear.

MSF Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers are hardened steel, precision preload spacers fitted between the standard bearings in the front hubs. The stub nut is done up full tight turning the spacer and inner races into a stub axle strengthening sleeve and precisely preloading the bearings.

The bearings have full roller contact, increasing their stiffness and capacity and running cooler for longer life.

Bearing free play is felt as imprecise steering, especially at high speed. Bump deflection steer and brake pad knockoff are also caused by stub axle flex, so is instability under hard braking.

Fitting Bearing Spacer Stub Stiffeners is one of the most cost effective ways to improve handling and reduce maintenance.

Our stub stiffeners are used in virtually all categories of competition and in high performance road cars. Road car users report quieter running and reduced bump thump.

MSF Racing Components can supply Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers for almost any vehicle. We have dozens of different types all ex stock; contact us if your car is not listed.
Our Bearing Spacers are supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions and in machine to size or shim style. We can also fit if required.

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Commodore VB to VP- Stub Stiffener$180
Falcon XR XT XW XY - Stub Stiffener$180
RX2 RX3 Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacer$180
RX 4 Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacer$180
Camaro - Stub Stiffener$180
RX7 Series 1-2 Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacer$180
Charger Valiant- Stub Stiffener$180
Datsun 240/260Z Bluebird Australian Skyline - Stub Stiffener$180
Escort Capri Cortina - Stub Stiffener$180
Falcon XA XB XC XD XE XF EA EB ED EF EL- Stub Stiffener$180
Falcon XK XL XM XP - Stub Stiffener$180
Holden FJ to WB- Stub Stiffener$180
Jaguar - Stub Stiffener$180
Mazda RX2 RX3 - Stub Stiffener$180
Mazda RX4 - Stub Stiffener$180
Mazda RX7 Series 1/2 - Stub Stiffener$180
Mazda RX7 Series 3 - Stub Stiffener$180
Mazda RX7 Series 4 - Stub Stiffener$180
Mustang - Stub Stiffener$180
Porsche - Stub Stiffener$180
Torana All - Stub Stiffener$180