Big Bearings Hubs

Big Bearing Hubs

Many of Australia and New Zealands fastest Tarmac Rally and Circuit Race cars are fitted with MSF Big Bearing Front Hubs.

Front hubs, bearings and stub axles are a weak point for competition muscle cars.

Stub axles flex, lose camber and change the toe.

Brake knockoff is a serious problem and uneven pad wear and strange noises from discs hitting calipers can be due to stub axle flex.

Standard size bearings overheat and wear and cast iron hubs move and can fail. The stub axle nut is not tightened which means bearing and steering free play.

MSF Racing Components Big Bearing Hubs fix all the issues and provide greatly improved handling, and safety, along with no maintenance event reliability.

  • Camber: stays constant: no cornering or bump loss.
  • Eliminate pad knock off.
  • Sharper steering, better response, more directional
  • No toe change under brakes.
  • Reduces pad taper wear.
  • Improved tyre wear
  • Stub axle sleeve design .
  • oversized bearings.
  • preload spacer fitted.
  • chrome moly steel
  • Bearing preload spacers fitted
  • Wheel studs short, medium or long
  • LH and RH main nuts
  • Tools supplied

We generally supply and fit to your struts or spindles.

Please enquire for cars not listed. We probably have suitable hubs or if not can make what is required.

R100/1200 1300 Steel Front Hubs Ford 5 Stud Pattern$495
Commodore VR to VZ$2,195
Commodore VB to VP$1,995
Mustang All$1,995
Falcon All to AU3$1,995
Mazda All$1,995
Torana All$1,995
Charger Valiant$1,995