Steve Coads thundering 7 litre Monaro is probably Australia's best known Tarmac Rally car.
At the rear Steve runs with one of our Negative Cambered Full floaters on a Supercar aluminium housing. Up front he relies on our Holden Spindle Sleeve Hub assembly based upright.
MSF designed and made the Watts and 4 link rear suspension layout and the brake caliper mountings and floating disc hats.

Ian Swan's XY GT crossed the Andes in South America. Before it did though we fitted our high duty Falcon Spindle Sleeve Hubs (see here) and aluminium hatted big brakes on the front and a 100 Series 31 spline Full floater and 2 piece disc brakes on the 9" rear.

Paul Zazryns lovely MK11 Jag is fitted
with a MSF 31 Spline Full Floater and our rear drum adaption required for Historic racing.

Steve Mason's
Touring Car Masters Camaro.
Steve runs MSF Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs and 100 Series 31 spline Full Floating Rear. Our Watts link equipment and bump steer correction parts are also on board.

Tim Hendy's awesome 7 litre LS Chev powered Daytona Coupe tarmac rally and circuit car corners and brakes on our MSF Spindle Sleeve Front Hub assemblies. In fact, almost all Daytona Coupes are supplied with our reliable, durable, high performance handling Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs and upright assemblies. See here for more information.

Adam Poole built his tough and fast VH Commodore for Tarmac Rallies.
We supplied the Negative Camber Full Floater on a BW housing, the MSF Watts Linkage and Late Model Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs.
Adams uses MSF Racing Components Bobbin drive disc hats, bobbins and our caliper mounts

Mort Fitgeralds thundering MGB V8 has been the dominant car in it's class for years. Mort runs and wins on our MSF Racing Components big bearing Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs with integral disc hats.
We also designed and supplied the adjustable lower front wishbone assembly.

Bob Janes superbly restored ZL1 427 Camaro is one of Australian motorsport's icons.
When it was being refurbished a few years ago Bob had the 12 bolt diff fitted with MSF Racing Components 31 spline Full Floater components and our Big Bearing Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs.

Col Mathews RX7 Improved Production car.
We engineered a special fabricated housing neg cambered full floater, and a Watts link and Chrome moly Tubular Stabiliser Bar rear end for this tidy car. We also supplied our special live spindle magnesium strut uprights for the front. This RX7 also runs our wheels, special lightweight magnesium productions. See
here for wheel info.


Paul Crocitti's rapid Cobra replica easily runs with the fastest of the European GT3 cars. MSF has extensive involvement with the running gear.
Paul runs our Negative Cambered Full Floater on a fully fabricated MSF  lightweight chrome moly housing, our classic beam axle rear suspension design including the WOB link

Up front MSF centerlock big bearing Spindle Sleeve Hubs run on our HQ derived uprights and our tubular chrome moly stabiliser bars. 

The Forty Winks RX7 has had a long and succesful racing life.
This was one of the first Improved Production cars to be fited with a MSF Negative Cambered Full Floating rear end and has reliably completed probably thousands of racing kilometres.

The front hubs are our renowned Big Bearing Spindle Sleeve productions on RX4 strut legs.

Robyn Bailey's MGB GT negative cambered, full floating, Watts and 4 link equipped Borg Warner diff under construction in 2007. 
Robin chose our special 7075 aluminium integral hat disc mounting hubs fitted with bobbin drive floating discs.

We have built many Borg Warner cambered floaters; they are a cheaper and lighter alternative to Ford 9" gear for many vehicles right up to powerful V8's.

Luke Chambers pretty and fast triple rotor Series 4 RX7 runs
MSF 7075 aluminium
front hubs and our Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers.

Graham Gillilands rapid Series 4 RX7 2 rotor runs a MSF Full Spool in it's Toyota IRS diff.

Ken House's championship
winning Turbo rotary Escort
runs our Spindle Sleeve Front

Mick Wilson's honking Touring Car Masters Charger runs a 31 spline MSF Racing Components Full Floating axle rear end.

Eddie Abelnica's 9000 rpm Boss Mustang relies on MSF Racing Components Mustang Spindle Sleeve Front Hubs to keep everything true, knock off free and low maintenance.

Bryan Mendelson's 330 Ferrari tarmac rally car is one of the last live axle
Sick of the handling and reliability issues surrounding the Ferrari bevel gear diff and rear suspension Bryan wanted an upgrade. We set to work and installed a Toyota Hi Lux based, negative cambered, centerlock wheel fitting, Full Floater. Our proven 4 link trailing arm design along with a Watt's Link and a MSF Adjustable Tubular Stabiliser Bar over special Koni's with Eibach springs also went in as did a light weight high performance CV jointed prop shaft.

Marcus Zucanovic's multiple Championship winning Action Racing Commodore Cup cars have always been well pedalled and fast.
Action have relied on our lightweight, Offset Spindle 1 degree Negative Cambered Full Floaters for years.

All the way from WA, Peter Major's Improved Production Turbo RX3 needed a tough rear end. We supplied a Hilux diff with a 2 degree Negative Cambered Coupler Gear Full Floater and our 4 link and Watt's equipment.