Full Floating
Axle Builds
We've been building Full Floating diffs for over 20 years and have delivered hundreds of rear ends.

Installing a floating rear axle assembly  involves the rear brakes and often the   suspension location, the spring and damper mountings, stabiliser bar questions, diff bracing, track width and wheel size as well as diff type, axle specs and ratios.

We have the experience to advise on all aspects of competition and street car back end preparation.

This is an MSF designed and fabricated Borg Warner 78 housing that is being prepared for installation in a MG V8.
I have made special aluminium Camber Full Floater hubs with integral disc adaptors, cambered at 2 degrees and running 31 spline axles and a MSF full spool. The caliper brackets are light, stiff Bisalloy productions.
The housing has been shortened and fitted with MSF designed 4 link trailing arms. MSF Watts Link bracketing with 3 position roll center height provision is fitted. This rear runs one of our lightweight full tubular chrome moly stabiliser bars mounted using aluminium flanged blocks and sealed needle roller bearings. The coil overs are mounted forward of the axle for strength and weight distribution. Not shown is the Magnesium Race Back Cover that was fitted.