Dry Break Refueling Valves

MSF Racing Components Dry Break refueling valves are the Australian made alternative.
Our valves are made to high standards from premium billet materials and have been used succesfully since 2001.
All MSF valves are fully compatible with other makes and E85.

Tandem Male 100

Tandem Male Refueling set.
2 Standard Male valves mounted on a lightweight strong handle.
100 mm centres compatable with other makes.
Price: $1,195.00

Tandem Female 100

Price: $1,085.00

Female Dry Break Valve 2.25” EF

FIA/CAMS approved design
Compatible with all 2,25 " male valves
Aluminium & stainless steel construction
High Flow

Price: $495.00

Male Dry Break Valve

Male Dry Break valve
Fully CNC machined high flow nozzle design.
Stainless steel main spring  anodised aluminium body.
Compatable with 2.25" FIA female valves.
CAMS/FIA approved
Australian made.
Price: $545.00

Internal Mount Female 2.25”

Price: $495.00

Male Handle 100mm

Price: $195.00

External Mounting Female Valve

External flange mounting for body attachment
Price: $575.00

Direct Mount Female

For direct mounting to fuel tanks and
storage vessels.

Price: $390.00

Custom Valves and installations

Contact us if you need a special application male or female valve setup.