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Big Bearing Front Hubs

Price: $1,795.00

Commodore Late Model VT-VZ Race Hub.

The standard Commodore 'unit bearing' hub has a well deserved reputation for being a troublesome, short life component  when used in competition.
Our direct bolt on replacement Late Model Commodore Race Hub fixes the issues. 
We use large tapered roller bearings and a stub axle design with wide bearing separation and a preload spacer to increase the load capacity dramatically. Stiffness is much greater so camber loss, bump deflections and pad knock off are reduced. Steering sharpness and transient response -and feedback- improve.
MSF Racing Components Late Model Commodore Race Hubs come with a screw on, machined and anodised end cap.
Hubs bolt straight on.
Mil spec black zinc finished: not black oxide.
Hubs are fully rebuildable and come with left/right hand main nuts and a nut spanner.

$2295.00 pair
Also sold individually

Hubs are supplied for non abs fitment. ABS or wheel speed available.
Price: $2,295.00

Bump Steer Tie Rod End Assemblies

Convert your Commodore's steering to an adjustable rod end design.

A must for cars that have been lowered or cambered.

High grade steel construction with heavy duty 5/8" chrome moly teflon line rod ends.

Price: $345.00

Stub Stiffener Bearing Spacers

Commodore Full Spool 28 Spline M80 IRS

Price: $425.00

Commodore BW Spool 25 Spline

Price: $350.00

Commodore Spool 28 spline BW78

Borg Warner 25, 28 and 31 Spline full spools  suit beam axles BTR 78
Full spools to suit BTR 76 type IRS
Full Spools to suit M80 IRS units Gen 3  
Price: $325.00

Commodore Spool 31 spline BW78

Price: $325.00

Mini Spool M80 IRS 28 Spline

Mini Spool 28 Spline BW78

Mini Spool 31 Spline BW78

Mini Spool BW76 IRS 28 Spline

Mini Spool 25 Spline BW

Watts Link kits

Caster Arms Adjustable

WOB Link Assembly

Mumford Linkage Assembly

Commodore Spool 28 Spline BW76 IRS

Borg Warner Magnesium back Cover

Full Floater Hub Sets

Price: $1,595.00

Cambered Full Floater Kits

Price: $2,450.00

Coil over brackets

Panhard Bars

Panhard reinforcement

Strut Tops Adjustable