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Negative Camber   
Full Floaters      

Championship winning performance at sensible prices.

MSF's Championship winning    

Negative Camber Full Floating

axle rear ends have the performance of our proven Full Floating Axle conversions with the grip and tyre life that camber and toe gives. 
Our Coupler Gear and offset spindle design provides a strong, compact and light assembly with no bending of the axle or housing.  
Our 500 Series Negative Cambered Floaters are a dedicated racing design for high powered medium to larger cars with features that give performance with safety, reliability, and light weight.

We use large diameter spindles and big bearings along with stiff, strong hubs to eliminate flex and brake knock back. As with all our racing hub products bearing preload spacers are fitted. Hubs, spindles, drive flanges and axles are made from the high grade heat treated chrome-moly steel.  Camber angles are available from 1 to 3 degrees, fixed or adjustable. All usual spline sizes available.

We've been supplying Negative Camber Full Floating Rear Ends for 20 years.  Sports Sedans, Sports Cars, Touring Car Masters, Commodore Cup, Improved Production, Group C, Group Nc, gravel and Tarmac Rally and Speedway applications are all catered for.

As well as the 500 Series we supply the 100 and 200 Series designed for  medium and smaller vehicles.

We do complete build ups, see here, or supply our Negative Cambered Floaters in ready to instal kit form.



Below. Steve Coad's crowd
pleasing 7 litre HQ Monaro.
Australia's best known
tarmac rally car relies on MSF it's
Negative Camber Full Floater.

Paul Crocitti's potent Cobra runs a fully fabricated
MSF chrome moly 9" housing with a
 coupler gear Cambered Full Floater


MSF 500 Series Negative Cambered Full Floater.

Our premium racing assemblies.
Unrivalled strength, stiffness and light weight.
1 to over 3 degrees camber available
Accepts up to 40 spline axle size.
Ideal for Borg Warner, Ford 9", Salisbury, 10/12 bolt, Hi Lux.
Pre machined and lightened to suit Borg Warner 78.
Available PCD  5/120, 5/114.3, 5/120.65

$2750.00 Set


MSF 100 Series Negative Cambered Full Floater 

Full competition rated high performance hub sets.
1 to 3 degrees of camber available.
Up to 35 Spline axles accepted.
BW and Ford 9" 
Designed for Commodores, Falcons, Mustangs and other medium to large high horsepower applications.

Available PCD   5/120 5/114.3 5/120.65 4/114.3 4/110    

$2450.00 Set

MSF 100 Series Lightweight.

High performance negative camber 4 stud.
Supplied 1 to 3 degrees of camber.  
Smaller, lighter version to suit Mazdas, Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis etc 
Supplied with Dual Pattern.
Ideal for HiLux conversions.
All splines to 35
4/110  4/114.3. 

$2450.00 Set

MSF 200 Series

Versatile for Early Holdens and
Toranas, Escorts, Cortinas, Fiats and others
with small bolt circles.
1 to 3 degrees.
Ideal for English axle conversions.
All splines to 31.
5/4.25" 4/4.25" 4/100 4/98
7075 Aluminium hubs available.

$2450.00 Set