Brake Equipment & Conversions

Custom and Racing Brake Upgrades

We've been making high performance and competition braking equipment for over 25 years. Our equipment has won in Sports Sedans, Sports Cars, Improved Production, Muscle Car Masters, Group N and at Tarmac rallies.
Our Competition-standard designs all use aluminium hats, often with full floating bobbin designs, and handed, curved vane racing discs from our several suppliers.
We don't use short life, warpage prone, American 'Short Track' discs.
Our race rated front brakes are generally fitted with radial mounted calipers with external fluid pipes for their strength and heat resistance. They are mounted using high stiffness aluminium brackets to provide deflection free performance.
We don't play around with 1 piece production discs for racing. The disc and it's correct mounting are the key for brake performance and rotor and pad life. We can tailor a brake package for the front and rear of any car and give the fade free, high G, modulatable and long lasting performance you want.