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Big Bearing

Front Hubs

Many of Australia's fastest muscle cars have had their handling performance transformed by fitting MSF Big Bearing Hubs.

The front hubs, bearings and stub axles are a weak point for competition muscle cars. 
Stub axles flex, lose camber and change the toe. Sometimes they break.
Brake knockoff is a serious problem and uneven pad wear is caused by flexing stub axles.
Standard bearings overheat and wear and cast iron hubs move around and can fail. The stub axle nut is not tightened which 
guarantees bearing and steering free play.

MSF Racing Components Big Bearing Hubs fix these issues.
Camaros, Commodores, Cobras, Falcons, Holdens, Mustangs, and many others, even Ferraris have all benefited

With the stub axle sleeve, oversized bearings, a preload spacer and chrome moly steel construction our Spindle Sleeve Hub assemblies are extremely stiff, strong, long wearing and light.
Cornering camber loss when a bump or kerb is hit is eliminated.
Toe does not change under braking loads and pad knock off disappears.
Braking performance is greatly improved. 
For maximum straight  true and repeatable hard braking with modern high friction pads stiff hubs, bearing and stub axles are essential.  
Drivers report much better pad life because of the taper wear reduction.
The steering is sharper and  more directional.
At-event hub servicing and the nagging worries about bearing overheating and hub and stub axle issues are gone.
MSF Big Bearing Front Hubs are clean and attractive. We use a Mil spec black zinc coating on steel parts and the end caps or wheel guides are anodised and screw on so no messy grease cap is visible inside the wheel.

*Hubs are 4340 chrome moly steel for
 strength and light weight.
* Standard offset supplied or special spacing if required.
l*Stub stiffener bearing preload spacers fitted standard on all models.
*Screw on, aesthetic, anodised aluminium wheel guide end caps.
*Durable mil spec black zinc finish.
*Left and right handed main nuts.
*High temperature Viton seals
*Correct hub spigot diameter for slip on discs
*Wheel studs available 12 x 1.5, 1/2" unf, 14 x 1.5. 
*Centerlock 1 piece versions available.
*Service spanners supplied.

Installation of MSF Big Bearing Front Hubs is easy. Full instructions are provided or MSF can fit.

If you don't see what you need, please enquire; we do specials no problems.

Commodore VB to VR

$1895.00 pair
Price: $1,895.00

Commodore Late Model VT-VZ Race Hub.

The standard Commodore 'unit bearing' hub has a well deserved reputation for being a troublesome, short life component  when used in competition.
Our direct bolt on replacement Late Model Commodore Race Hub fixes the issues. 
We use large tapered roller bearings and a stub axle design with wide bearing separation and a preload spacer to increase the load capacity dramatically. Stiffness is much greater so camber loss, bump deflections and pad knock off are reduced. Steering sharpness and transient response -and feedback- improve.
MSF Racing Components Late Model Commodore Race Hubs come with a screw on, machined and anodised end cap.
Hubs bolt straight on.
Mil spec black zinc finished: not black oxide.
Hubs are fully rebuildable and come with left/right hand main nuts and a nut spanner.

$2295.00 pair
Also sold individually

Hubs are supplied for non abs fitment. ABS or wheel speed available.
Price: $2,295.00

Holden All with HQ type uprights

We have probably sold and fitted more of these than any other model of Big Bearing Hub.
The HQ upright is a popular starting point for special front ends and can be made bullet proof by fitting our Big Bearing Hub assemblies. 

$1850.00 per pair
Price: $1,850.00

Mustang all

We have fitted MSF Spindle Sleeve Hubs to many Mustangs.
Hub offset requirements vary; we tailor to suit your setup.

Eddie Abelnicas 9000 rpm 302 Boss Mustang and Steve Masons thumping Camaro both run and win on MSF Big Bearing Hubs

$1850.00 pair. 
Price: $1,850.00

Ford Falcon XR to XF

Price: $1,850.00

Ford Falcon EA thru AU3 to BA

18500.00 per pair
Price: $1,850.00

Mazda Rotary R100 RX 2-3 RX4 RX7 1-2-3

1595.00 pr

Mazda RX2, RX3 and RX7 stub axles are undersized and particularly flexible. The hub bearings are small and wear quickly and the cast iron hubs are heavy, but not  strong, especially when machined to fit slip on discs. 
The commonly used upgrade RX4 stub axle assemblies are only marginally bigger than standard and while adding a degree or so of camber on an RX7 do vitually nothing to improve the flex and bearing life issues.  We supply to suit the popular RX4/929 strut.
but can fit to other Mazda strut legs.
DIY fitting is straightforward or we can install.
Supplied in 4 or 5 stud pattern.
4 on 110   4 on 114.3  5 on 114.3

Price: $1,595.00

Charger Centura Valiant

$1850.00 pair
Price: $1,850.00

Custom Big Bearing Hubs

We can make from scratch or adapt one of our existing designs to suit your special application. We can make 7075 aluminium sets for the weight conscious.  
In most cases we can supply a suitable hub set  from stock and at minimal extra cost.
We have provided hubs for Rovers, Triumphs, Ferrari's and American muscle cars.


Alfa Romeo 105 GTV 116 GTV

Price per pair $1595.00

Price: $1,595.00

Chevrolet Camaro

$1850.00 pr

We supply Camaro Spindle Sleeve hubs to suit your offset requirements. 
Price: $1,850.00

Cortina TC/TD TE 5 stud

$1850.00 pair
Price: $1,850.00


$1850.00 pair 
Price: $1,850.00

Escort Mk 1/2, Capri, Cortina

There are various small Ford strut and hub combinations and I attempt to match Big Bearing Hubs with your offset requirements.

Enquire for more info on these

From $1595.00 per pair
Price: $1,595.00

MG-B, Triumph TR's, Austin Healey

We have supplied many MGB V8 racers with our special 7075 aluminium Big Bearing Hubs. Some have had the disc hat integral, others inside mount, others slip on disc.

Offset and other fitting requirements vary.  Contact us to discuss your needs.


Torana LC LJ LX LH Holdens FE to HG

This hub assembly suits Toranas with 5 on 4.25" wheel bolt pattern. Also early Holdens if someone wants to stay original.

$1850.00 per pair

Image representative and may not be actual components.
Price: $1,850.00